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All kinds of things might happen here, but you can be certain that it will probably have a lot to do with me being a book-nerd or otherwise fangirling and that many a thing might be gay in one way or another.
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My favorite part of any episode of this show is to watch how Giles is 600% done with everybody.

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having to translate words from english because you forgot them in your own native language

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**i edited it cuz gou felt too tiny in the back, wasnt creeper enough looool *


but acutally, i debated really hard about putting together like this. dont even ask me why it fit so perfectly like that………ORZ

blame orange caramel for allll of this.


@hedonistbyheart replied to your post “I also need manga recommendations. Kinda bored with novels, want…”

What do you like? I mostly read horror/mythical/fantasy and BL-manga, so if either of those types appeal to you, I might be able to suggest some^^

Horror/Myth/Fantasy sounds interesting ^^

hmm, there’s Hellsing? It’s fairly crazy, but I like it (it’s Dracula with a twist or ten, if the name didn’t give it away;)).

Then there’s petshop of horrors - I really like this one myself, it has a good blend of humour, genuine mythical references, horror and mystery.

XxXholic is great too, it’s very eerie, but with plenty of light-hearted moments thrown in too.

Natsume yuujincho is another one, though that one is much more chill and slice-of-life-like, even if it is with Japanese monsters/demons/ghosts thrown in.

Saiyuki is another one I love - it’s based on the Chinese legend ‘journey to the west’, but more or less turned on its head. It’s full of mad monks and demons and weirdness, but it’s a good story. It’s not finished though, so maybe reading it is a bad idea^^;

I’m sure there are others, but these were the first ones I could think of~

Okay, so I was browsing the Gou and Rin tag for sibling-feels and funny texts and then I come across a tag:

Apple siblings.

'hmm', I go, 'why apple? is it 'cause their hair is red?'

but then…I realized…Rin…Gou…RINGO?!



Mado will you PLEASE just stay the fuck dead - I do not care about your back story with Amon, like, AT ALL! ugh. Fucking creep.

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"Mr Fireman, sir, what’s your order for today?"

"I’d like a serving of Haru-chan, please"

Makoto by 夕楼76

Haru by KumaQi熊祁